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Who is WayUp?

  • WayUp empowers employers to recruit top college students and recent grads for internships and entry-level roles–without having to scale their teams.

What is National Intern Day?

  • Created by WayUp in 2017, National Intern Day is a holiday dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the future leaders of the world: Interns!

When is it?

  • National Intern Day is the last Thursday in July. This year it falls on July 25.

My company has an internship program. Why should I participate?

  1. National Intern Day is FREE!

  2. There’s no better way to show your interns you care than dedicating a full day to celebrating them.

  3. Nominate your company for the WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs list.

What is the WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs list?

  • Just like it sounds. WayUp’s annual ranking of the best internship programs.

Any ideas on how to celebrate my interns?

My company has pledged. How can I spread the word and get people excited?

  • We’ve got you covered.

  • Check out these awesome digital images we created that you can share across social media and include in your email signature.

When will I know if my company has made the WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs list?

  • The first week of August.

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