Digital Toolkit

Ready to get your National Intern Day plans started? This year, WayUp is providing a toolkit with graphics, sample social media posts, and important resources for all companies who pledge to participate.

Campaign ChecklisT:

  • Send a company email to let your team know you have pledged

  • Share this email signature banner with your whole company for them to use

  • Plan a company celebration to take place on July 25, 2019

  • Post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter


What to email to your company:

Subj: We’re celebrating National Intern Day!

Dear [insert name],

On July 25th we will join WayUp, the #1 job platform for college students and recent grads, to celebrate National Intern Day. The goal of this day is to recognize, empower, and celebrate hard-working interns all over the country. By supporting this holiday as an organization, [inset company name] is sending a clear message to current and prospective interns that we value and appreciate their hard work.

[insert company name] is proud to be joining thousands of other companies in taking the official pledge to celebrate.

By taking the pledge, [insert company name] is simply agreeing to celebrate our interns on July 25th. We will also be eligible for WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs list.

Please include the e-mail banner in your email signature and post this image on LinkedIn to let your network know that [insert company name] is celebrating National Intern Day.


email signature banner

upload This image to your email signature


Social Media

Post these graphics with the suggested copy to let your network know that you’ve pledged to participate in National Intern Day.


Suggested copy: When it comes to celebrating our interns, we don’t mess around. We’ve joined @WayUp and took the pledge to celebrate on July 25th! #NationalInternDay

*Pro-tip: Tag @WayUp on your picture as well as in your caption!



Suggested copy: We are joining our friends at @WayUp to celebrate our interns on July 25th! #NationalInternDay []


Linkedin Post:

Suggested copy: We have joined @WayUp on #NationalInternDay to celebrate our interns! Learn more:

*How to mention someone in your LinkedIn post: Copy and paste the text above into your post. Highlight "WayUp" and then type "@" and begin typing "WayUp".

Day-of social media copy:

Use this copy on July 25th!

  • We are proud to join @WayUp and thousands of other companies around the country celebrating their interns today. #NationalInternDay

  • Hey @WayUp, check out how we are celebrating our interns on #NationalInternDay

  • Today is #NationalInternDay and we are [insert how you are celebrating]. What are you doing?

  • We are joining @WayUp in the celebration by [insert how you are celebrating your interns] #NationalInternDay



We’ve included the full color and white transparent National Intern Day logos to use in all of your campaigns.


Day-Of Social Media Tips

Recommended ideas for use on July 25, 2019

  • GO BIG! Don’t be shy about posting and sharing updates throughout the day. #NationalInternDay will be trending on social media, so include the hashtag to ensure your company is part of the larger conversation

  • Let one of your interns do a takeover on your company’s Instagram account

  • Have your internship program manager take over your company’s Instagram story

  • Go Live on Facebook and Instagram during your intern celebration to give your online community a behind-the-scenes look into your company culture

  • Send a company-wide email with a few words of gratitude and recognition about each intern. It will make them feel great to receive a personal shout-out

Blog Topic Ideas

  • Write about how you recognize, empower, and celebrate your interns on your organization’s blog or LinkedIn page. We suggest blog pieces run around 250 words and include photos, videos and hyperlinks

  • Inspire, motivate, and connect with other companies by sharing your organization’s celebration plans

  • Write a “Day-in-the-life” feature on your intern class to give future interns a glimpse into your company


Header: We have pledged to celebrate in WayUp’s National Intern Day celebration

Message: On July 25th, we will join our friends at WayUp in celebrating interns across the country. Learn more at


Important Facts

  • National Intern Day (NID) is on the last Thursday of July each year

  • WayUp created this holiday in 2017

  • The official hashtag is #NationalInternDay

  • WayUp's official website is

  • WayUp is the premier platform for employers—from startups to Fortune 500s—looking to attract and hire top student and recent grads faster and more efficiently than ever before.