2018 Top 100 Internship Programs

These companies were selected as the 100 best internship programs in the U.S.
by a panel of industry expert judges and thousands of public votes.

Congratulations to the #1 internship program winner, KPMG.

Name # of Interns Fun Fact About this Program
KPMG LLP 3,300 KPMG interns have the opportunity to participate in KPMG’s Global Internship Program, which is a four-week rotation abroad at an international KPMG member firm! Additionally, interns have the option to build their own internship program (BYOIP) to tailor their experience to their own interests and career needs.
Aflac 400 Aflac’s interns enjoy a very special perk: The company provides housing for them!
AIG 400 AIG interns get to start their internship with a 3 day orientation and training, and if you're a high-performing intern, you get considered for a full-time job after graduation.
Apex 35 Apex interns get a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to work at one of the top staffing & recruiting firms in the U.S., all while practicing in the company’s annual activity-filled field day!
Asurion 40 Interns at Asurion attend a week long on-boarding at the company’s HQ. Past Interns have even gotten the opportunity to meet with the Chief Operating Officer on their first day!
Autozone 81 AutoZone interns, aka AutoZoners, are treated like real employees and are able to get 20% off the company’s products.
Bank of America 1,600 Almost all new grad corporate hires came from the internship program their junior summer.
BCG 300 Some BCG interns get to travel internationally during their time at the company.
BlackRock 314 Apart from a summer internship, candidates for the U.S. BlackRock Founders Scholarship also qualify for a $17,500 merit award.
Bose 215 Bose interns get to embed themselves in the company’s business to help create innovative new products - which they can score great discounts on!
Campbell's Soup Company 56 Interns at Campbell’s Soup enjoy benefits like access to leadership, webinars, and the ability to get hired as full-time employees (and then offered tuition assistance for additional degrees earned)!
Casper 16 One of the most innovative mattress companies makes sure its interns are happy, making an impact, well-rested, and happy with monthly rooftop happy hours exclusively for interns.
CBS News 75 Interns at CBS get a first-hand look into what it’s like working at one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies by assisting producers, greeting guests, or researching stories.
CDW 120 CDW even hires year-round campus interns who connect their university's IT department with CDW.
Charles Schwab 213 Charles Schwab’s intern programs touch more than 40 different business lines and help students form skills that’ll help them throughout their careers.
Chewy 39 Chewy interns are dedicated to serving pet owners-and pets! The top-dog intern receives a full-time position to start after graduation.
Chick-fil-A 58 Chick-fil-A’s C.E.O. gave interns a private tour around Atlanta to visit the first Chick-fil-A restaurant and other memorable locations that are a part of the brand’s history.
Cisco 950 Cisco interns get to take over the company’s Snapchat account to show off the work they’ve been doing!
Citi 550 Citi has a Sophomore Early Identification program (totally remote, five-week training) which then converts many participants into interns for their junior summers. Imagine getting an internship offer during your Sophomore summer!
CohnReznick LLP 180 Interns are provided with development opportunities through the Firm’s “Imagine More Series” which is a suite of learning modules designed to bring to life CohnReznick’s Values.
Coinbase 30 Coinbase interns get to work with one of the fast-growing financial trends: crypto-currencies
Corning 270 Past interns received Six Sigma training sessions that helped them obtain Yellow Belt certification and learn how to use a data-driven approach to improve processes for their summer projects.
Cox Enterprises 300 Cox interns have the opportunity to complete business-critical projects, network with employees across the entire company, and improve their communities through company-wide service days!
CVS 71 Interns at CVS work on a structured project all summer long that’s reviewed and evaluated by their Intern Leaders. CVS’s internship program is also one of the highest-ranked health care internships in the country!
Dell 850 At the end of the summer internship, Dell interns present their findings to an array of senior executives and leaders. Past intern projects include Voice Analytics for Dell Technician Assistance and DDV Natural Language Processing.
Deloitte 3,500 Deloitte interns are assigned to a mentorship team at the start of their internships. Each team includes a counselor and an onboarding advisor—fitting for an organization that’s been named a top private company for leadership development.
Deutsche Bank 347 Deutshce Bank converts a high portion of their interns into full-time employees. If you make it into the Deutsche Bank Risk program for new grads, you can even get the opportunity to complete an international rotation!
Devries Global 8 Interns at Devries Global get to work across 1-3 client accounts in different practice areas such as retail, lifestyle, and social strategy.
DICK'S Sporting Goods 51 Interns at Dick’s get access to the company’s state-of-the-art fitness equipment, walking/running trails, and sports viewing parties-and that’s just to name a few perks.
Digitas 106 Digitas interns get a hands-on experience with advertising by working on a capstone project throughout the summer.
Enterprise Holdings 2,000 Enterprise interns learn what it takes to run a successful business by developing their entrepreneurial skills across fields. Enterprise also hires more interns each summer than almost any other company in the world!
EY 3,500 All 3,500 EY interns meet up at the firm’s International Intern Leadership Conference, which is held in Walt Disney World!
Facebook 2,000 Aside from being some of the top paid interns in the country, Facebook interns get to travel to places like Yosemite and Santa Cruz on company-sponsored outings
Gallagher 450 Gallagher interns get a jump start on their careers through the company’s on-the-job and professional development training, which includes shadowing current employees, participating in mock proposal meetings, and more!
General Dynamics Information Technology 250 General Dynamics’ management team encourages interns to share their ideas and give feedback on projects—a characteristic that aligns with the company’s ethos: honesty, transparency, trust, and alignment.
General Electric 5,000+ 60% of GE’s Leadership Program employees were former GE interns.
Goldman Sachs 3,000 Known for its prestigious banking internships, Goldman Sachs interns get executive exposure—even to the company’s CEO
Google 3,000 Google has one of the best diversity internships in the country, BOLD, and also has incredible engineering internships that provide students the opportunity to make am impact on products used by billions of people.
Groupon 46 Interns at Groupon are a tight-knit group who get to do fun activities together throughout the summer, like group cooking classes. Groupon is known for giving its interns real responsibilities that a full-time employee would even do.
Hilton 144 Hilton offers a range of internships, including a 12-month Leadership Internship that’s designed to help train the next group of company leaders.
Honda 300 Honda’s internship perks include housing, relocation assistance, social and professional development, and community service events.
Horizon Media, Inc. 29 Horizon Media’s 10-week program includes fun intern events like trips to Yankees games and visits to NBC and the Food Network!
HP, Inc. 500 Thinking about interning at HP? You can submit your application anytime because they accept internship applications all year long.
Hubbell Incorporated 101 Hubbell partners with charities such as Habitat for Humanity to enable employees and interns to serve their local communities.
HubSpot 101 HubSpot’s interns get to hang out in the company’s awesome offices and get to participate in fun, company-wide mystery dinners!
IBM 1,800 IBM pays interns based on the number of college credits they’ve earned toward their degree. That means your full course load will literally pay off!
Intuit 373 Intuit encourages its employees to take 10% of their working hours as “unstructured time” so they can pursue ideas and projects they are passionate about.
JetBlue Airways 90 JetBlue interns get to attend a new hire orientation at JetBlue University in Orlando, Florida!
John Deere 568 John Deere’s interns get to attend a two-day Summer Intern Conference held in Moline, Illinois, and enjoy perks like subsidized housing!
Johnson & Johnson 600 J&J has a "Be Vital" app that helps intern applicants get helpful content and connect with mentors.
Kiewit 750 Kiewit interns get a true taste of what it’s like being a full-time employee with guided tours of the company’s large-scale construction projects.
Koch 550 The president and C.O.O. of Koch Industries, Dave Robertson, started his career as an intern at the company.
Kohl's 503 Interns at Kohl's get to make an impact through a range of responsibilities, including designing apparel, allocating home goods, and making sure the mobile app is secure and easy to use.
Kroger 103 Kroger interns can do everything from labor relations to data science, and more.
L’Oréal 160 L’Oréal interns get exposure to executive leaders and enjoy an annual event every summer that’s held in their honor.
Liberty Mutual Insuarance 700 Interns at Liberty Mutual get the ultimate corporate experience with networking, executive exposure, social events, and trainings.
Lincoln Electric 50 Lincoln Electric interns get to interact with company executives, attend lunch & learns, and have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at their world-class Welding School.
Lockheed Martin 2,200 Lockheed Martin has an internship program that hires students in high school and trains them all the way through their college graduation. This past year, they had 80% of the high school interns who were now College Seniors get full-time job offers!
Macy's, Inc. 200 Macy’s interns participate in interactive workshops, community service, and networking events while learning about the ever-evolving retail industry.
MetLife 398 MetLife interns focus on diverse areas of the industry, including Actuary and Technology.
Morgan Stanley 1,000+ Morgan Stanley has a "Women in Banking" Scholarship Program.
Motorola Solutions, Inc. 170 Motorola has an Open Door policy, where interns can go to anyone's office to meet for coffee and get advice. Past interns say the coolest part is that they get to play a big role in public safety by working at a company that helps prevent catastrophes and disasters. Whoa.
NASA 400+ NASA awards its interns by financially supporting their academic exploration through NASA-related research. And...it’s NASA!!
Nascar 30 Nascar interns get to work in Florida while having housing, meals, and travel expenses covered!
Nasdaq 120 Nasdaq’s C.E.O., Adena Friedman, started off as an intern herself! #goals
NBCUniversal 2,200 Some NBCUniversal intern programs fly their entire team members to NYC for an orientation that includes tours of the iconic 30 Rock office.
NetApp 120 NetApp interns work on meaningful projects and have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of activities, including the annual Intern Showcase. Interns at NetApp also receive mentorship opportunities, volunteer time off, and access to discounts and fitness centers.
Nielsen 137 Nielsen interns participate in Nielsen Global Impact Day volunteering to renovate neighborhood treasures.
Nike 40 In addition to a discount at Nike Employee stores, interns also get to take advantage of Nike’s world-class athletic facilities!
Northern Trust 55 Northern Trust interns participate in a community service team-building event and get to research and present summer projects to senior leadership.
Overstock 45 Overstock made the WayUp 100 internship list even though this is their inaugural internship class! Why? Their intern perks are awesome -- include participating in a kombucha & paint night and a kickoff BBQ!
Peloton 20 Peloton is an innovative company shaking up the fitness space and their interns get to reap the benefits with free workout classes, among a variety of other perks.
Procter & Gamble 300 Some P&G interns are invited to an all-expenses-paid summit where they get a unique look into the world's leading companies for leadership development.
Publicis Health 82 At Publicis Health, interns are divided into cross-department, cross-region teams and assigned a group project, where the winning team gets a prize.
PwC 4,000 If you want a career, PwC is the place to start: 90% of PwC interns receive full-time offers!
Ralph Lauren Corporation 48 During Ralph Lauren Gives Back Week, the company’s interns get the opportunity to participate in group volunteering projects.
Red Bull 26 Red Bull interns not only get free Red Bull to drink and share with friends, but they also get to attend free concerts with up and coming artists.
RK&K 32 RK&K's headquarters is in the historic Candler Building on Baltimore's inner harbor, which means awesome food, drinks, and entertainment are all nearby!
Salesforce 600 Salesforce interns are a part of their Futureforce, which works on creating innovative tech with a global team!
Samsung 56 Samsung hires interns for some of the hottest roles at the company—including a Wearable Tech Designer internship!
Sierra Nevada Corporation 119 Sierra Nevada interns get the opportunities to gain certifications throughout the program
Softheon 20 Through the duration of this 10-week program, Interns work on department-specific projects and participate in classes taught through the Softheon University program focused on healthcare and business.
Southwest Airlines 187 Southwest’s college internship program has an amazing perk: All interns can take advantage of free, unlimited, space-available travel to ANYWHERE the airline flies!
Spectrum 135 Spectrum’s 10-Week Summer Intern provides interns with opportunities to build relationships with their peers, attend exclusive events, and network with leaders. Interns dedicate 80% of their time to working within their team and 20% of their time to learning how to craft their professional brand.
Spotify 70 11% of Spotify’s employees (aka "band members”) in the Americas and APAC identify as LGBTQ+! Also, interns at Spotify get to enjoy the perk of watching live concerts in their offices.
T-Mobile 212 T-Mobile has scored a 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index five years in a row and has pledged to hire 10,000 military veterans and spouses by 2023.
TD Ameritrade 214 TD Ameritrade offers a special experience for interns by hosting an all intern summer trading competition. Interns get a chance to compete in a risk-free environment to learn more about stocks and the world of trading.
The Aerospace Corporation 297 To celebrate their summer interns, they hosted a carnival-themed event with a picnic lunch and games like a life-size Jenga and a dunk tank!
The Home Depot 300 Past intern innovations include a VR application that was featured at SXSW 2017 and simulates distribution center environments.
The Nature's Bounty Co. 24 Interns participated in a Campus to Career Advising Event and were also invited to shadow various departments as part of the company’s commitment to personalized mentorship!
The TJX Companies, Inc. 240 More than 90% of TJX’s internship roles have the potential to convert to full-time positions after graduation!
Thermo Fisher Scientific 218 Thermo Fisher interns get to contribute to a company that helps advance science across the world and enjoy perks like intern-only events and volunteer projects.
Thomson Reuters 130 Thomson Reuters offers internships across the U.S. and in international locations like London and Poland!
Toyota Motor North America 500 Interns get the opportunity to work at one of 45 US locations and are empowered to challenge the status quo, see collaboration in action, and be a part of the next generation of Toyota innovations.
Travelers 400 Travelers’ interns get the opportunity to network with interns from across the country at activities like the company’s annual Intern Symposium at its headquarters in Hartford, CT.
Turner Construction Company 500 Turner’s internship program, BRIDGE, stands for Building Relations, Influencing change, Developing Goals, and Experiencing Turner. Students from the BRIDGE program are given strong consideration for full-time positions after graduation.
Under Armour 100 Under Armour helps interns—aka“rookies”—find housing and connects them with interns they can live with. The company also keeps things fun, with social and volunteer events throughout the summer. (Not to mention, Under Armour was the #1 internship program of the year in 2017 -- a well-deserved award!)
Unilever 120 Unilever's internship program provides students with the opportunity to solve core business problems, from Supply Chain to Marketing. A few cool perks? 1) They can make an impact on iconic brands (like Dove and Lipton), and 2) They get free unlimited ice cream!
Warner Music Group 160 WMG’s Emerging Talent Program includes a Capstone Project that has students develop and present an innovative business idea to company executives, who provide real-time feedback on their work.
Wayfair 250 At Wayfair, students get the chance to explore their potential outside of the the classroom and take the lead on diverse, high-impact projects to gain new skills or build on existing talents.

*Winners are listed in alphabetical order, not by ranking.

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